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Simple, easy-to-use, on-board, data collection software! Check out the new TopField software for the CTS-3000 and GTS-100N series total stations. While it is designed to meet the basic needs of a contractor or topo/stake-out surveyor, TopField packs some surprising features in a basic on-board system. And best of all, TopField is included with the total station at no additional charge.


  • Handles multiple job files
  • Measures in feet and 10ths, meters, or even feet and inches
  • Resection Routine available as a setup option
  • Layout routine, including option to collect the point after staking
  • Topo collection, with fast, auto-measurement option and angle measurement offsets
  • Create coordinates from an offset point from a known reference line, or from taped measurements

Upload and download coordinates using Topcon Link or Topcon Tools software.

Topcon TopField functionality is based on a list points. Pull a list of points off your job plans and go to work. Once an as-built or Topo survey is complete, give one single point list file to other office software.

Now, TopField is standard on all GTS-100N and CTS-3000 instruments.


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