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Field controller software with a superior graphical user interface and fast performance

See everything clearer

Of the many features in the new TopSURV 8, the large graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the best. With the big icons you can point and touch with your finger, instead using a stylus. Portrait and landscape devices supported.

Survey with speed and convenience

Create, edit, upload, and download faster using advanced data management techniques. How many instruments do you use on the jobsite? To simplify your work, Topcon stores configuration files for each instrument. Switching from a GRS-1 to a QS is a snap — there’s no wasted time configuring baud rates and connection settings. Just do it once and store it. Compatibility problems? We know there are several programs that require specific file formats, so we’ve given TopSURV 8 numerous file formatting export options.

Features include:

  • Single Source Solution
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Graphical Topography and Stakeout
  • Real Time Field to Finish
  • Advanced Roading
  • Real-Time Roads™
  • Industry leading Road Staking
  • Customizable Stake Reports
  • Vast library of Import / Export formats

Technical specifications

Hardware Platform
Operating System Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1 or higher
Graphics 320 x 240 min resolution w / H in pixels, 640 x 480 alt resolution w / h in pixels
RAM 128 min Mb
Disk Space 64 min free in Mb, flash (internal) type

Intuitive User Interface

TopSURV 8 maintains the familiar large icon menu structure for fast and easy touch navigation. Portrait and landscape devices supported.

Stakeout Transition Points

The opening dialog of the Road and Slope stakeout routines now offers options for stopping at various Transition Points along the design, for both horizonatal and vertical critical stations.

MAP-based Topography

TopSURV 8 provides a superior MAP view in Topo that allows the user to measure and code while showing their current position in real-time.

More Viewable MAP Area

By adding callapsable toolbars for status, robotic icons, and zoom icons, the TopSURV 8 map provides more viewable area
By adding callapsable toolbars for status, robotic icons, and zoom icons, the TopSURV 8 map provides more viewable area

User-defined Stakeout Interface

Stakeout now supports up to five different views for the graphical information that is displayed.
Additonal customization can be done through user-defined data labels. Simply click on the data label to select from the data label options list.

Two Surface Volumes

TopSURV 8 allows the user to store a measured surface while staking a DTM, and provides the ability to calculate two surface volumes in COGO.

Road Strings

Road Strings and the ability to define String Sets that define the true road design surface sets TopSURV apart from products limited to cross section road staking. Modules Available:

TopSURV Basic - Core Package that includes communication interfaces to optical total stations, levels, and GIS handheld data collectors for DGPS.

TopSURV Robotic - Take control of your Topcon robotic instrument, with complete support for all of the advanced features of our full robotic line-up!

TopSURV GPS+ - Unleash the full power and capability of your Topcon GPS+ system!

TopSURV Pro (Roading) - Create & edit cross section templates, string sets, horizontal and vertical alignments. Survey using cross sections,  calculate using road alignments, and stakeout roads & slopes. Real-Time Roads(TM) brings high production to road staking.

TopSURV Millimeter GPS+ - Control your Topcon Millimeter GPS+ system using TopSURV.

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