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The GoWin is the layout and measuring tool designed and built specifi cally for construction. It’s expanded keyboard and on-board software allows construction professionals to check grade, topo, set points and perform any number of other layout tasks previously requiring a surveyor. Built to work the way you do, the GoWin comes standard with an RS232 port, perfect for use with Topcon’s FC series field controllers. And the GoWin puts those inaccessible points within reach. As with all Topcon instruments, the GoWin is built to exacting standards, reliable and cost effective, and will provide years of productivity. If you or your crew has ever waited for stakes to be set or replaced, or wished you could quickly determine how much material you’ve moved in a day, then Topcon’s GoWin is for you. Contact your Topcon Positioning Systems dealer today for a demonstration.


  • Economical, value-priced measuring solution
  • Two second angle accuracy
  • Expanded, full numeric keypad
  • On-board programs & 24,000 point data storage
  • Ideal as a construction stakeout total station
  • Perfect when combined with FC field controller and software

High Accuracy

The GoWin total station has the high accuracy angle specifi cation that meets even the highest land surveying standards. A 2 second angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1000 feet.

Expanded Numeric Keyboard

A full alpha/numeric on-board keyboard makes for faster data input and ease of use.

Compatible with Topcon’s FC Series Field Controllers

Topcon’s FC-120 and FC-200 fi eld controllers feature a fast processor and bright graphical display. See your jobsite displayed on a map view with these fi eld controllers.

Technical Specification

Length 150mm
Object Lens Diameter 45mm (EDM:50mm)
Magnification 30x
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.3m
1 prism 2,000m
3 prism 2,700m
Accuracy ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) m.s.e.
Fine Mode 1mm: 1.2sec (Initial 4sec)
  0.2mm: 2.8sec (Initial 5sec)
Coarse Mode 0.7sec (Initial 3sec)
Tracking Mode 0.4sec (Initial 3sec)
Method Absolute Reading
Detecting System Horizontal Angle: 2 side, Vertical Angle: 1 side
Accuracy 2”
Tilt Sensor Single Axis
Method Liquid Type
Compensating Range ±3
Display Unit

2 side

Display Type Dot Matrix Graphic LCD
Keyboard 24 keys
Angle & Distance Measurement

14 h

Angle Measurement Only 60 h
Serial Signal Connection


Environmental Protection IP54
Internal Data Memory 24,000 pts
Ambient Temperature Range -4˚F to +122˚F (-20˚C to +50˚C)
Plummet Optical Only

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