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Another innovation by Topcon, the G3-A1 antenna system has been designed to support all GNSS signals whether currently broadcast or planned for the future. All modernized GPS signals, including GPS L5, and the new Galileo system frequencies are already built in!

Built with hardened materials, the G3-A1 is the most robust economy antenna on the market today. Add the optional ground plane and radome kit and you have an economy reference station antenna with outstanding performance year in and year out.


  • Reference station antenna with ground plane
  • Triple constellation capable antenna
  • Designed for highly efficient multipath reduction

Technical Specifications

Without Ground Plane 5.575" x 5.575" (141.6 x 141.6 mm)
with Ground Plane 7.875" dia. (200 mm dia.)
with GP and Anti-snow Spherical Dome 8" dia. (205 mm dia.)
Without Anti-snow Spherical Dome 2.115" (53.7 mm)
With Anti-snow Spherical Dome 5.885" (149.5 mm)
Antenna without Ground Plane 1.14 lbs (515 g)
     Ground Plane .4 lbs (185 g)
Antenna with Ground Plane 1.54 lbs (700 g)
     Anti-snow Dome .43 lbs (195 g)
Antenna with Ground Plane and Anti-snow Dome 1.97 lbs (895 g)
Input Voltage +3 to + 18 VDC
Current Consumption 30 mA (typical)
Type TNC female (G3-A1)
N female (G3-A1M)
Category 20, Composite Wheeled/Tracked Machine Exposure, along each of 3 axes (Method 514.5, Table 514.5C-VII and Figure 514.5C-3)
Mechanical Shock
along each of 3 axes (Method 516.4, Procedure I, Functional Shock, Table 516.5-II, Figures 516.5-10 - accelerative forces up to 40g)
Drop Test
Repeated drops of antenna with pole from the height of 2 m (the pole height) on asphaltic concrete surface.

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