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RL-100 2S

Topcon's RL-100 Series revolutionary encoding system provides the highest grade repeatability, 5 arc seconds, of any other laser! No one even comes close. Setup-after-setup, time-after-time, you're always right on grade!


  • 5 arc second repeatability
  • Wide grade range (up to +/-25%) without slope blocks
  • Extra-long battery life (65 hrs)
  • Increased range - up to 2,500 ft. (770m)
  • Graphical display
  • Full function remote Fully automatic self-leveling

Technical Specifications

RL-100 2S
Horizontal/vertical ± 15" arc seconds, 3/32" inches @ 100'
Repeatability 6" arc seconds
Temperature drift 1"/C arc seconds per degree C
Repeatability 5 arc sec.
Horizontal Accuracy ±10 arc sec.
Grade Range (dual) RL-100 2S: ±10 / ±25
Working Range 2,500 ft. (770m)
Rotation Speed 300/600/900rpm
Wave Length 685nm visible
Laser Class Class 3
Operating Hours 65H (Alkaline), 50H( Ni-MH)
Environment IPX6
Dims (w x h x d) 8.55” x 9.96” x 6.6”
  217mm x 253mm x 168mm
Warranty 2 year
Remote Control
RC-400 Yes (with PRO package only)
Range  two-way 1000 ft. (300m)
Environmental IPX6
Power 3 AA alkaline
Dims (w x h x d) 2.36” X 6.1” X 1.4” (60mm X 155mm X 35mm)
LS-80B Yes
Receiving Rang 2,500 ft. (770m)
Display Front
Environmental IP66
Power 1 9V alkaline
Dims (w x h x d) 3” X 5.7” X .9” (76mm X 145mm X 23mm)
LS-80A Yes (with PRO package only)
Receiving Rang 2,500 ft. (770m)
Display Front and Rear
Environmental IP66
Power 1 9V alkaline
Dims (w x h x d) 3” X 5.7” X .9” (76mm X 145mm X 23mm)

The RL-100 2S provides dual slopes up of +/-10% in single slope or up to an industry leading +/-25% dual slope. The RL-100 2S standard package includes the LS-80B laser sensor, sensor holder, and batteries. With the PRO package  you'll get the dual display LS-80A plus the all-new RC-400 remote that allows complete control of the RL-100 2S up to 300' away!

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