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Maximize production and reduce errors
The Orion+ is an economical digital automatic level perfect for any leveling or grade-checking job. Using technology typically found only on high-precision surveying instruments costing much more, its easy "point-and-shoot" electronic design eliminates guesswork and potential errors. By reading the bar code on an elevation rod, Orion+ never makes a mistake. Simply point the Orion+ at the bar coded tape, focus and shoot. High-accuracy height and distance measurements are displayed on its large, high-contract LCD panel. Human error is eliminated, improving both productivity and quality on every job! Choose metric or imperial measurements to work the way you want.


  • 2mm at 30m(.08 at 100) accuracy
  • 50m (165) Range
  • AA Battery Power Supply
  • Electronics Measurement
  • Water & Dust Ressistant
  • 120 Hours Operation

Technical Specifications

Accuracy (height) ±2.0mm at 30m
Accuracy (distance) ±10mm @ 10m
Working range (Tape staff) 0.9 to 30m (2.9 to 98ft)
Working Range (Aluminum Staff) 2.0 to 50m (6.5 to 164ft)
Measuring time <2sec
Magnification 20X
Self-compensation range ±12°
Length 206mm
Magnification 20X
Objective aperture 30mm (1.18in.)
Resolving power 4.5"
Field of view 1°20'
Minimum focus 0.9m (2.9ft)
Image Erect
Stadia ratio 1:100
Stadia constant 100
Type Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Working range ±12'
Height Measurement
Electronic reading ±2.0mm at 30m
Optical reading ±2.0mm at 30m
Measuring range  
Tape staff BCX 0.9 to 30m (2.9 to 98ft)
Aluminum staff BAS 2.0 to 50m (6.5 to 164ft)
Measuring time <2sec
Least count 0.001m, 0.01ft
Minimum light for measurement 20lx. @ staff surface
Distance Measurement
Aluminum staff BAS  
D<=10m ±10mm
10m<D<=50m ±0.25% x D
Least count 0.01m, 0.1ft
User Interface
Display 7 segment and character LCD with backlight
Keyboard 6 keys (5 on front panel, 1 on side)
Circular level sensitivity 8'/2mm
Measurement Program
Measurement Program Single/Continuous/Elevation/Height difference
Water and dust resistance IP55 Category2
Operating temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Power supply AA dry cells x 2
Operating time 120hrs = 50,000 points (at +20℃, point every 5 sec)
Weight 1.8kg (include batteries)
Size 206 x 123 x 137mm

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